Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet Emma Paisley turns ONE!!

Can you believe it? I swear it was just yesterday I was bringing that sweet girl home, and now she's one? Where does time go? Where's that pause button?! We love this little girl more than words can say. I remember when we were told we were going to have a little girl, tears just fell down my face. I hope to be her best friend, and I hope she loves me as a mother as much as I love having her as my daughter.

We celebrated Emma's actual birthday by lunch at Red Robin (shocked?) and some cake later. I was debating on whether to wait until her actual birthday for her to eat cake, but I just didn't think it'd feel like her special day without some cake! (It was the first time she's had something sweet. Other than fruits!!)

Here's some pictures of Emma's actual first birthday party.

I tried to throw the sweetest first birthday party a girl could have, Emma is just about the sweetest little girl in the world and she makes me smile everyday. My family is truly my happiness, and I hope that I make them happy. I love this little girl to the moon and back 15 million times.

Happy (late) Halloween

I'm sorry this post is so late, but I wanted to share some pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes.

The morning of Halloween started out a little tough with Kolton waking us up puking everywhere. His fever spiked, he puked, he was mopey for a minute, and then he was fine. It was the craziest thing. He must have known that if he didn't start feeling better he wasn't going to get any candy later. ha! So once we got him straightened out, Emma decided she just flat out wasn't in the costume Halloween trick or treating mood. So the whole hour of trying to get the kids dressed was utter chaos, melt down, craziness. Buuut we pushed through and thank goodness we did because the kids looked too adorable in their costumes. Once we started our trick or treat trek, they started to change in moods and started to enjoy it. By the last house Kolton go the idea of what was going on, so I'm sure next year will be even more fun. lol! Here's some pictures of my adorable witch and handsome vampire.

Don't they both look sooo happy? ha!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy (late) birthday, Kolton James-Allen!!!

A very special boy turned two years old this past week. :)

Two years ago on October 29th my adventure of motherhood started. Kolton James-Allen was brought into my life, and he's had my heart dancing ever since. Despite the struggles he had when he was first born, I couldn't ask for a healthier, happier, more handsome TWO year old boy. Where does the time go? This little boy lights up my days with his silly grins and giggles.

Since Kolton had a first birthday party to himself last year, we decided to let Emma have her special party instead of throwing them a joint party (since their birthdays are so close) But Kolton had one very special birthday. We woke up early that morning to a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, and after stuffing our faces we opened all the cards and gifts everyone sent him. Adam and I got him a train table and Kolton seemed pretty excited about it.

After we played, had a yummy lunch, and took a much needed nap (the kids did, of course mommy was getting everything ready), we headed out to dinner. My parents were able to come and visit so they came along with us. We went to Kolton's favorite place -Red Robin (yumm..)

After Kolton stuffed his face of onion rings, corn dogs, and fries they were sweet enough to bring out a sundae for him and sing happy birthday. The waitress we had was one that we've had several times, so she remembered us and said she'd "hook the birthday boy up." They were so sweet to him.

He loved them singing, but I think he enjoyed the sundae even more.. lol

After dinner we came home and let Kolton enjoy the dirt cake I had made for him.

I had such a fun day with my two year old sweetie, and I hope he had an awesome birthday. We love you Kolton!! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A rootin' tootin' good time!

As one of Kolton's birthday presents (that's right in less than a week he'll be 2) we took him to see Disney's Toy Story 3 on Ice. We were kind of testing the waters with something like this, but we couldn't pass up the chance of atleast trying. Kolton LOVES him some Toy Story so it seemed that he would be fine. (We tried taking him to the movies and it just didn't work out. We had to leave RIGHT when the movie started. Why do they make previews so long these days!) So we had a friend keep Emma so we could have Kolton feel even more special having all of mommy and daddy's attention, and not taking the chance of Emma being fussy during the show. Which worked out perfectly. Apparently Emma is much more okay with being away from mommy than I thought? ha! Kolton had a blast. From the second we walked into the building and he noticed Buzz and Woody items were everywhere he was in heaven. He kept pointing and shouting and getting so excited. He took his picture with Buzz and Woody too, it was the cutest thing ever. Once we got in and the show started he just sat on our laps watching in amazement. Adam and I came to an agreement that we probably could have cried any second of how amazed we are and proud of him. Our little boy is growing up so fast, and now he can do the things that when he was born we wished he'd be able to do. Like sit through a movie and enjoy it. We love that little boy so much and he (and his sister) tug at our hearts every day. I hope he had as much fun as we did just watching him (and I'm sure he did)

Here's some pictures that I took with my phone and a little video. I started to be a little picture crazy at first, but then I forced myself to put my camera away and enjoy our time with Kolton.

Monday, October 18, 2010

An amazing weekend.

Our weekends have been packed full with events for the past couple months. My friend the other day said "You sure go to a lot of birthday parties!" Ha! I suppose we do. This weekend we didn't have any birthday plans, but we still had something pretty spectacular to do. We participated in the Light the night Walk in DC. It's the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's walk and fundraising event to pay tribute and bring hope to people battling cancer. My friend Melissa organized it in memory of her boyfriend's childhood best friend whom he lost to leukemia.

Let me just back up a few steps for you and tell you that we were a little nervous about how the kids were going to do. The walk itself didn't start until 7 and as we all know that's usually when my kids are in bed. We met at the metro at 5, which again we were nervous that Kolton would be a little freaked out. Boy were we wrong. He loved it. He kept saying "Choo choo!" Once we got to the city we tried to find someplace to have a quick dinner before going to the event. It was so crazy, it was like every place to eat was close.. except for McDonalds. and I'm pretty sure every person from DC and the surround area was in that McDs. We did have one small (Ha!) melt down from my son in there. You should know that my son is in l-o-v-e with balloons. Well, there was several people with that balloons, and he wanted them. So after a (very) quick bite to eat, we took of to the event. First stop..
The balloon tent!

From there we were ready to rock and roll. The city was pretty much closed off to us, and we just walked in memory and honor of all the survivors and in support of all those still struggling and families who support them everyday. It was pretty magical seeing the city lit up with all the balloons.
After the walk they had a band, bouncy houses, face painting, and food stands from a local restaurant giving out chili, chips, and water. After we ate some of the chili we headed back to the metro where Emma fell asleep in the stroller and Kolton flirted with Melissa. lol! Once we got back to the car both kids slept the whole way home AND slept until 8:30 the next morning! I think it's safe to say they had a blast, too! I'm so proud of how well they did, and thankful they can experience stuff like this with us. I swear these babies have done more in their 2/1 years than I did until I was 18!

We felt so lucky to have a hand in such an amazing event. Thank you so much Melissa for putting it together!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are they twins?

I couldn't tell you how many times I've been asked if the kids are twins. I swear, probably atleast 2 times EVERYTIME we go out. In the store, while they're in the stroller.. heck we'll be in the Starbucks drive thru and they'll ask if they are twins. It use to be where people who knew they weren't twins -like friends and family- would even think it's hilarious, but now THEY even say they look like twins. I get it though, especially the older Emma gets.. they do look ALOT alike. Like in this picture..

and the other day while I was waiting for friends to show up for our lunch date I sent this picture to my husband and he responded with "They look like twins in that picture." Ha!

Many of my close friends know that we were originally pregnant with twins with Kolton. Adam and I just can't help but think of the irony that is of our situation. About a year later we have Emma who is a spitting image of Kolton. From looks to personality. I believe everything happens for a reason, and in my book they might as well be twins.. I was just given a year break before the REAL chaos began, ha!

I tell you what though, they are two peas in a pod..

Lazy days..

Isn't this what life is all about?